Life is Learning, Every tune of living is a consortium of different notes that make up for a rhythmic outcome. In Educational, Corporate and Industrial world the process of learning and training are the means and the very fundamental foundations for a successful or profitable progress in their respective streams.

As Companies and Industries have branched into varied needs of life, the knowledge of the industry and process information override every requirement for establishing or even initiating the business. Providing training to the workforce at their Inception, Ad-hoc trainings based on sudden workforce skill requirements and even Periodical training for a healthy knowledge pool are an essential investment that successful companies would vouch for. Based on the genre of training needed, yet another task that signifies its essentiality is finding an appropriate training personnel’s and institutes who are not only brimmed with information but also expertise in the needed sector with experience in hand.

Kingston is a comprehensively knitted training provider that has experience for more than a decade in the training sector. We build our training material and process on a customized strategy based on the needs of the individual companies and the industries they deal with. For all Trainings executed by Kingston, we leave mark of perfection and satisfaction on the Trainees and the companies associating with us for our training services. Our industrial training forte includes a wide variant of essential sectors thatdrive the mechanics of the economy of nations all over the world.


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Clients can either choose to participate in our theme-based Professional Training Programs or get the programs tailored to the themes they want to work on. They can get to have their Training Programs organized in the venue of their choice …… in the cradle of exotic environs or in the warmth of their own premises, by choosing our In-house Training Programs. We take our Training Programs to the doorsteps of our clients! Through our Training Programs, we create professionals, in-sync with times, ready to face challenges, ever snow-balling in a fiercely competitive environment. http://blackjack.us.org

Executives from below companies who attended our workshops

We are fortunate to have worked with some of the most respected companies across the globe. Though it would be a great idea to have all their names mentioned on this page, the exercise would leave us gasping for breath, as we’re bound to run out of space. Good counselors lack no clients! We take pride in the fact that we’re serving a diverse clientele of high repute; yet we wear this crown with utmost humility.